Summer Time Activities

Summer Time Activities are upon us.
This is a very critical time for those people with disabilities. Now their routine has been changed and they have more free time to occupy. Parents will find that the disabled child does better if a daily routine is established right away. Plan activities that they can participate in and keep them in as many activities where they can keep using the skills they have learned over the school year.

For the adult disabled person summer can be very trying and even depressing. This is a time when they need to be able to get out into the community, enjoy the community activities and be involved. Church is one activity that is very helpful even though many groups disband for the summer. Transportation can be a frequent problem so it is important to know what is available in the community.

Most communities have some summer activities such as the recreation department, bowling, summer camps etc. Disabled adults can volunteer to be included in many activities. If you don’t know where to start talk to your Chamber of Commerce, local churches, Recreation and parks department, and neighbors.

Enjoy participating in what you can and keep active. Remember to drink lots of water throughout the summer months. Eating habits may change because of the heat and that is all right as long as you are getting plenty of fluids. remember to eat fresh fruit when you can.

Summer is a time to use common sense. Don’t take chances and when in doubt ask someone. Here’s to a safe and fun summer for all.


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