A Hard Working Man

A Hard Working Man

A  man, a hard-working man.

Worked for the highway.

Plowed the snow,

Mowed the ditches.

Did other things you know.

Now he’s retired,

Can’t you see?

He’s still a hard

Working man in

His backyard free.

A man, a hard-working man.

With character etched in his face.

What a story to be told,

If one only could unfold,

The memories that he has

enduring the good and the bad.

With blue coveralls and a

Shirt that’s red,

Looks like he’s an

American born and bred.

A man, a hard-working man,

to be proud of by his friends.

With head held high,

Family remembers why,

He worked so hard

So they could get by.

This picture says it

all to them.

For they love this man,

Taking care of business.




2 Responses

  1. Janice, I didn’t scroll far enough down before. I only had time toread the above poem but I really liked it. I’ll get back to read some more if the e-mails ever get below 100! You have a nice poetic writing style.
    Putting it on FB

    • Thank you Micki I enjoy writing poetry. I never studied poetry in school but I studied music. Songs are nothing more than poetry. That’s how I got started. I was writing song lyrics.

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