A Magpie Named Marty

A Magpie  I’ll name Marty

Dressed so sleek

And Unique

He has a very long sharp beak.

Dressed up as

Fit to kill,

But look out

Everyone knows

He’ll steal.

A robber is his story

He looks for shiny objects

To take and hide

For his glory.

What is this Magpie doing?

Hoping in my yard so.

Never before have I seen him

Handsome yet on guard.

Something appears in his beak,

Now he’s headed for the street.

No my foliage on the corner,

He dares to hide with all his glory.

A treasure he has buried there,

So cautious and with such care.

He looks around to see if

Anyone notices he.

Now a fluff of leaf

a stick he’ll take

so he doesn’t

look out-of-place.

Now on his way

 he will carefully go

Across the street .

No,  he flies off successfully.

I wonder what he’s hidden there,

Inside my yard with such care.

No I won’t go and take a look.

I’ll wait to see if he returns like a crook.

So until another day

I wait and watch for

 this Sleek and Unique

 Magpie flying by.


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