A Soldier’s Prayer

A Soldier’s Prayer

By Janice N. Richards

Dear Lord please hear this prayer from me, As I bow down on bended knee.

I ask as I go on my way, please guide me through the day.

I know not what will come my way, I only know these words to say.

Each person here has grown quite near, Yet we all are hiding our fear.

We have a job that we must do, Hoping at nightfall we’ve pulled through.

We do not want to shoot our guns, This isn’t sport nor fun.

We know the “Golden Rule.” We ask your forgiveness too.

No one in war can ever win, Battling is a useless sin.

But we must protect liberty, So mankind can remain free.

So Dear Lord as I greet today, Be at my side and show me the way.

I pray on this day not just for me, But for my unit and their families.

If we should have to kill someone, Forgive us all when it is done.

When night-time comes our way, Help us feel safe from a soldier’s day.

In God we trust, we know you walk with us.

When it’s time to go with you, Let our families be proud of what we do.



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