Color Me Beautiful

Color Me Beautiful


Colors may change,

Its form won’t rearrange.


Circling around,

Love and friendship abound.


Droplets on the ledges,

Falling off the edges.


Color me red for love,

Send a letter with a dove.


Color me pink for passion,

A couple is in fashion.


Color me white for peace,

Let the calmness never cease.


Color me yellow for friendship,

Every moment is a trip.


Color me black for death,

Take away any wealth.


Buds may appear,

Full sizes bring a tear.


Long stem roses,

By the dozens.


A flower of love,

Sent down from above.


A special moment in time,

Remembering beauty divine.


Aroma galore,

Making everyone want more.


A gift to remember,

One you can give forever.


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