Dear Caylee

Dear Caylee

A child wept, a child cried

but no one heard her when she died.

Who could this monster have been

that so callously brought her life to an end?

The country mourns for a child lost,

tears have flowed at the price it cost.

Who will remember this child

who once was happy and mild?

Caylee you were such a beautiful child,

How did everything get so wild?

Smiling laughing happily.

Your life would end suddenly.

Now the country mourns your loss

for you that paid to high a cost.

The best that we can do now

is to give this meaning somehow.

It’s time for our country to change its laws,

protecting the innocent from the evil they befall.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,

would it help us get back the truth?

If only you could speak from the grave

we’d know what happened when your body was enslaved.

Because of your death the entire nation will morn thee.

Now we pray that Caylee rests peacefully.

My prayer for you Dear Caylee,

is to be rest in the peace that is meant to be.

Jesus said let the children come unto me,

I am sure you’re with him now you see.

So when I look up into the skies,

I know I will see new angel’s eyes.

The angel you were meant to be,

can now find happiness eternally.

Caylee rest in peace you will not be forgotten.


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