December 8th



Pearl Harbor Day

(December 8th, a day of infamy)


Japanese Bombs, on our own soil attacked,

Wanting our country destroyed,

Targeted United States Navy’s battleship forces,

Unifying our country and Americans.

A Declaration of War rang out on Government lips,

Hawaii’s Harbor lost many Navy Ships,

The battle toll was horrendous that day,

No warning or a chance to run away.


Ships sinking everywhere,

Sailors scurrying that were there,

Innocent people on the ground,

Could not believe what was happening around.

Cries of men, women, children alike,

Sounded through out the day and night,

For peace with in our own land,

Had been broken and no one could understand.


The time had come for us to take a stand,

Letting others know this is our land,

A unity that would never be forgot,

For those who understood why we fought.

Freedom is our privilege here,

One that Americans hold dear,

Do not threaten our way of life,

Or you will see we know how to fight.

To the Veterans of World War II,

We Salute You!


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