Dreams of Yesterday

Dreams of Yesterday


We believed unconditionally,

In Walt Disney’s fantasy.


Life was the best, it wasn’t a test.


We dreamed of princesses,

And white horses.


We dreamed of kings,

And diamond rings.


We knew that we could do,

What ever we wanted to.


We had been taught to reach for the stars,

You can do it they’re not very far.


So as we grew, we already knew,

Our life would be great, that was our fate.


But someone forgot to tell us of reality,

And what things might really be.


Now we’ve learned the hard way,

With new experiences every day.


Some have been good others bad.

Sometimes Happy sometimes sad.


Now that I really know the truth,

I still return to my youth.

@Copyright 2010 “Dreams of Yesterday” by Janice N. Richards




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