Flag Day

My father was vet,

He taught me about respect.

I learned about liberty,

And why we needed to be free.

He told me about soldiers going off to war,

Some wouldn’t return home any more.

I learned about the country’s flag,

And to salute when I saw it parade.

He taught me to hold my head with pride,

Being proud of who I am inside.

He taught me to never forget,

The price that was paid by our vets.

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness,

Is the number one priority for all of us.

So when our flag passes by,

It should be held up very high.

When the soldiers salute,

Every citizen should contribute.

The red, white and blue,

Is a reminder to all of you.

Freedom is a privilege to be had,

Not an IOU owed to every lad..

When you disrespect a flag,

A soldier, or the life we’ve made.

You also disrespect my father,

Uncles, and they’re brothers.

For my family believed in liberty,

Now it’s up to all of us to remain free.

@copyright 2011 by Janice N. Richards


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