Good Morning World

Good morning World!

The sun shines through my window,

I feel the stirring of my body.

Is it that time all ready?

It seems like I just went to bed.

But I feel the sunshine on my face.

The birds are chirping.

They like to great the morning,

with song.

My eyes take a few minutes to hang on to those

Last few minutes of rest.

While I lay there fighting to awake, I listen to

The sounds around me.

I hear the hustle and bustle of the cars

On the street.

I hear the sounds of motors, as one

begins to start mowing the grass.

I hear a weed eater as it makes a

Feast while doing its task.

Then I hear silence.

That is the moment of truth.

Get up you sleepy head,

Get out of bed.

I sit up, I stand,

I take a step forward.

Then my eyes are aware,

of my two cats circling me.

Ah, breakfast time at last.

I long for the aroma of

Fresh baking.

Where are the muffins?

Where is the bacon and eggs?

Where is the smell of

Coffee at home?

Then I am reminded

That I am the one

To start the day.

So I take a moment

To feed the cats

Their gourmet meal.

That is my excuse for

A few more moments

Of solitude for me.

Now my day will begin,

With Cinnamon toast, and tea.

I want to get to my computer.

For now I am awake and ready

To read, write, revise, laugh,

Enjoy, and publish.

My day will be full.

Later when I break,

I will fix a nutritional meal.

But for now I want to enjoy

The beauty of today.

The sun is shining through

The window on my computer.

I have a wonderful view.

The birds fly by taking food

To their nests.

Suddenly it is quiet, the

Morning feedings are done.

The birds are quiet,

The cats are sleeping.

Only a few cars can I hear

From the distance.

Everyone has begun their

Day and the hustle and

Bustle are gone.

Peace, beauty, and love.

What a way to start each day.


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