Growing Up in the Rockies

 Growing Up in the Rockies
was so special to me.
The beauty of God’s world
was a special place to be.
I look back through all my dreams
how long ago it seems.
Yet memories are very vivid
of my life that wasn’t dreamed.

So as I remember back through
the how’s, where’s and when’s.
I will do my best to share it all
with those who can’t recall.

A life that was so special,

To those who lived through it all,
For the Rockies were the place to live
to have a childhood so vivid.
So as I write my chapter book,
I will look through every nook.
But I will have to choose the best;
there won’t be room for all of the rest.
But the times I remember most
are those that let me boast.
About a life time of happiness,

That to me was so blessed.
Some secrets I will surely share,
hoping that you will care.
I will try to put some humor there,
but only when I dare.

For God watched his beloved Rockies,

and made them high for all to see.

It was a different time back then,

Common sense told you how to act when

My beautiful mountains held much danger deep within,

But no one wanted to leave once they settled in.

For life up in the Rockies was good to one and all,
it was a beautiful place to live and that’s what I recall.


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  1. wow ur site gave me power !!! thanks

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