I Had a Little Dog


I Had A Little Dog


I had a little dog, her name was Heidi.

I loved her so, but she wasn’t tidy.

She liked to play with toys everyday,

She liked to run, whenever she may.


She liked to hide in my bedroom,

The only way to get her was with a broom.

She always looked like she was laughing,

So we didn’t know if she was just panting.


She knew not to beg for table scraps.

She didn’t dare jump into our laps.

But Heidi had one weakness and we all new.

She couldn’t resist a popcorn ball to chew.


Heidi couldn’t wait for popcorn to fall.

She’d reach right up no matter how tall.

The next we knew she began to chew.

We all looked around to see what was new.


But we all knew it was a popcorn ball gone,

And there was nothing left to be done.

But everybody loved Heidi so,

No one could get mad and make her go.


So every year at Halloween,

My mother wouldn’t scream.

That was the only time of year,

That Heidi knew her treat was near.


 Heidi was a special friend,

Right up till the very end.



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  1. Addorable!!! Thanks for sharing. Stop by my blogsite sometime.



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