July 4th

Independence Day

(July 4th)


As I sit in the twilight,

A beautiful summer’s night.

 I gaze at the sky,

 I am reminded of why.


We celebrate this day,

 The price we must pay.


Our ancestors traveled afar,

 For this country of ours.


They set out to see,

 A place where they could be free.


Religion they wanted,

By government, they were haunted.


They were told what to do,

Treated like a fool.


They worked everyday,

With very little pay.


A dream they had of a land,

 Where children’s freedoms were not band.

They set out with their dreams,

Forging many streams.

Times would be rough,

They would have to be tough.


Each other they needed,

So farms could be seeded.


People were kind,

 They had the same thing in mind.


They needed to find some peace of mind.

Living in a world that was kind.


Men and boys would go off to war,

 Some would live no more.


Children and women would work hard,

So they wouldn’t have to starve.


That was the price they must pay,

 For all to have a free day.


I am reminded of my dad,

The stories that he had.


He said stand up and fight,

When you know it is right.


Our ancestors brought us here,

 They shed many a tear.


It is time to sing out,

 What our country is about.

The Red, White, and Blue,

 Is for each one of you.


As I look at the sky,

I remember why.


I see a spark as the fireworks start.

Knowing what is dear to my heart.


As the fireworks explode,

My memory unfolds.


Each spark in the sky,

 Is a soul floating by.


Each color,

 A father, mother, sister or brother.


As I look at the smoke clouds,

 I am feeling very proud.


A dream that was found,

 Continues year round.


What a beautiful way,

 To celebrate Independence Day.


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