Memorial Day


Memorial Day

(Last Monday of May)


Flowers appear,

Crying is near.

Flags are flying,

Remembering dying.


Families to the cemeteries go,

Remembering those who left solo.

Departed for another world,

Heavenly angels around them swirled.


Some were young and some were old,

On this day, their stories are told.

Soldiers fighting for freedoms ring,

Everyone stand, cheer and for them sing.


Babies who have gone ahead,

Angelic innocence that will never be dead.

Mothers, Fathers, aunts and uncles too,

Will all be at the Pearly Gate waiting for you.


Grandparents, grandchildren once alive,

Memories continue in every heart to thrive.

Families gathering from everywhere,

Taking time to remember and care.


A special day,

 For one and all.

No differences on this day,

 Will anyone call.

For all have chosen,

 To morn in peace.

Leaving a memory,

A simple showpiece.


Some will bring flowers,

 To place on the grave.

While they rant and they rave,

Many will place American flags.


All will say a prayer,

 For the loved ones lying there.

Remembering a time of joy,

When gathered many a girl and boy.


Departing for home,

 Each going their own way.

Quietly remembering,

 This very special Memorial Day.


Leaving swiftly,

 Silently into the dark.

I know where you will be,

 When my angels hark.


You left us so suddenly,

 We did not say so long.

Remember together,

 We always will belong.




When you hear me,

 Talking to you each day.

I say how much I love you,

 In my own special way.


Though our bodies are far apart,

We are always connected at the heart.

So as your spirit floats on by,

Send me a cloud and have it wave high!


Send me a bird that will sing out loud,

Not being afraid when there is a crowd.

When flowers I see send a bumblebee,

And I will know you’re on bended knee.


When raindrops come down,

 Put a drop on my frown.

I will know you are here,

Your reach is so near.


If the wind gently blows,

 Have it circle around me so I know.

Feeling your arms on me,

As you, touch my body.


When the sun shines down,

 There will be no reason to frown.

I will feel the warm love,

 You are sending down from above.


The stars in the sky,

 Will twinkle and I will know why.

Wishing you were here,

Yet feeling you are near.


So to my loved one I say,

 On this special Memorial Day.

You are in my heart to stay,

 I love you in every way.


For those many soldiers who past on,

We will remember you forever long.

For when your duty came to call,

You stood up for your country through all.


Many a good soldier has gone ahead,

Preparing a place in heaven instead.

So as we try to understand why,

We bless you for the reason you had to die.


Never forget those who have gone away,

Thank them for each special day.

Live life to the best that you can,

You owe it to each woman and man.


So on this Memorial Day,

Take a moment to bow and pray.

Everyone in their own way,

Remembering the importance of this day.



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