My Inner Most Thoughts!

My Inner Most Thoughts!


Dare I take a chance to share,

My most inner thoughts and cares.


When all these years I’ve been criticized.

What if people think they’re all lies?


Some thoughts are better to hide,

Can I bare my soul outside?


How will people look at me,

When they read my poetry?


Will they understand what they see,

Or will they say that’s  enough of me?


I have so many thoughts inside,

But I also have my pride.


An artist’s work exposes all,

Leaving nothing hidden by a wall.


Left naked in the world,

Feeling like a snowball that’s been hurled.


Anxious because you know you must try,

But scared to death that your work will die.


Happy each moment that you write,

Wondering if others feel the same as you might.


Feelings keep rushing through my head,

Knowing I won’t sleep when I go to bed.



Wishing that someone I know would read it,

Yet, knowing that a stranger is a better fit.


Afraid to be judged by my family,

Yet wanting them to understand me.


What I write is for my pleasure,

I have found my own treasure.


Writing gives me insight.

It helps me find the calm of night.


No matter what differences we have,

Writing will always make me glad.


I write only for my pleasure.

But it’s okay if you want to share my treasure.


Dare I take a chance to share,

My most inner thoughts and cares.






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