Night Sky

Night Sky


When in the mystery of the night,

When there is no place for flight.


I find myself lost in the maze,

Of scattered stars that are ablaze.


What wondrous beauty do I see,

Will it always be there for me.


I look at stars twinkling as if to say,

Will you come here and play?


As I reach out to touch their face,

I feel like I am floating through space.


In my mind they’re cold as ice,

But in my heart they’re hot as spice.


I cannot reach them though I try,

Because they are away up high.

But it’s okay with me,

For watching them makes me feel free.


So when the sun is burning high,

And the day is rapidly going by.


I know the night sky will come to me,

And the stars will be twinkling freely.


Then night’s peace will return again,

And the dreaming will never end.



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