Palomino Stallion

Palomino Stallion


Running freely, with his pride,

 How a Palomino Stallion should ride.

Seeing every muscle move,

 Pacing speed with his hooves.


Mane flying high,

 Letting you know he’s speeding by.

Memories of days gone by,

 The wild horses made Cowboys sigh.


A rare scene to behold,

 Now everywhere there’s cities and roads.

Palomino Stallion a symbol for all,

 Of what made this country feel so tall.


The beauty of this animal to see

 Reminding us, we want to be free.

Pride and strength is what it’s about,

 Let your feelings shout it out.


Beauty that only once you will see,

 Accepting it so graciously.

Palomino Stallion one of a kind;

He was a miracle to find.


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