The Pride of our Country

The Pride of our Country


The pride of our country cannot be compared,

To anything else, that exists anywhere.

When people willingly stand up to shut,

Waving the American Flag about.


The unity you see is bewildering to me,

The pride of our country is what keeps us free.

So as you talk about removing the flag,

Because you feel like listening to others rag.


Not saying, In God we trust,

Honoring, the Pledge of Allegiance is a must.

Remember the people you see with pride,

What do you think they will feel inside?


Our freedom is our pride,

From that, you cannot hide.

So be careful when you face these facts,

For this is one value people will attack.


Our country will rise,

 Many will be surprised.

 As it has done in the past,

 Setting what is right at last.


The Pride of our country cannot be compared,

To any other who has challenged or dared.

We are what we are, and we will be, what we will be,

You cannot stop the will to be free.


So join us in this pride of our country,

Hold your flag high and be happy.

Salute when you see it, and sing when you may,

You never know if this will be your last free day.






Pursuit of Happiness,

America the Beautiful.

In God we Trust,

This is the American Way.


This was our forefather’s way,

Do not be afraid to help it stay.

I will always Pledge Allegiance to our flay,

For many a soldier was put to lay.


In respect to those of my country,

I will honor the way my father taught me.


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