The Weeping Willow Tree

The Weeping Willow Tree

I think that I shall never see

Hair as long as the weeping willow tree.

From head to the ground,

The trunk is covered all around.

When the wind doth blow,

It’s like watching a beautiful ballet show.

 Her branches moving oh so gently.

Even when the wind is whipping so relently.

As you watch this glorious show,

One can actually feed the wind as it blows.

When the suns rays shine between,

It reminds you of lights on a movie screen.

Branches swaying to and fro,

You can almost hear the music as it goes.

First it’s fast and then it’s slow,

Depending on how the wind does blow.

It is certainly Mother Nature’s way,

Of calming such a busy day.

Oh how would it feel to be,

A Lovely weeping willow tree?

Standing tall all the day,

Waiting for the wind to come and play.

When the heat is beating down,

Pulling water up from the ground.

Weep no more my lovely tree,

For you are true beauty that everyone should see.


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