Veteran’s Day Remembrance


Veteran’s Day Remembrance

(November 11th)


Heroes come and heroes go,

Military you are appreciated so,

Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy,

Flying, and marching soldiers at sea,

Men and women with families,

Here at home we pray for thee.


Protecting freedom in every land,

Waiting for your next command,

Proud to honor the red, white and blue,

Hoping your families are proud too,

Holding your heads up with pride,

Marching and standing with guns at your side.


Reaching out to those in need,

Never knowing if you will succeed,

Families at home serving too,

Our country wants to salute all of you,

National Guard included too,

Everyone appreciates what you do.


No nation could ask any more,

Of our Veteran’s that have served in a war,

What a sacrifice they make,

To serve for Liberties sake,

On this Veteran’s Remembrance Day,

The people have a big Thank You to Say.



Thank you for serving your country,

Taking time away from job, and family,

Holding our flag high,

Looking upward to the sky,

Being proud of the nations best,

Saying Amen, for those we have laid to rest.


God Bless each and everyone,

For a job that has been well done,

Always walk with your head held high,

Knowing that for this country, you would die,

Do not be afraid to shed a tear,

When you have lost a friend that was near.


Never question what you have done,

In a war, no one has ever won,

When you come back home to stay,

Enjoy your liberty every day,

It is okay to admit you had fear,

Remember those friends that were dear.


No one can understand what it was like,

Unless they spent a day in your life,

Do not be afraid to share,

Things that touched your heart and made you care,

Remember we are a country free,

You helped make it what it is suppose to be.


Now we salute the Red, White and Blue,

In Remembrance, we thank all of you!

Veteran’s Day
(“Armistice Day’ on
November 11, 1919”)

Veterans Day is an official United States ‘holiday’,

Set aside honoring all military veterans with pride.

Originally known as ‘Armistice Day’,

For it was on the eleventh hour,

Eleventh day in the eleventh month of 1918,

Armistice signed between, Allied Nations and Germany.

This ceased the fighting of World War I,

  People throughout the world rejoiced,

Believing World War I,

 To be the ‘War to End All Wars’.

Armistice Day filled with solemn pride,

In Honor of heroism for those who died,

  Gratitude for the victory,

Because of the freedom and opportunity.


The sacrifices that all gave for our country,

America was given a chance,

Showing sympathy with peace,

 And justice among the nations.


However, when new realities made it clear,

There would be fighting in more years.

Congress replaced “Armistice” with “Veterans” Day,

Remembering and honoring all Veterans serving.

Every year there are celebrations,

Memorials, and parades,

 Each year too, an official,
wreath-laying ceremony,

 Arlington National Cemetery,

 At the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

On Veteran’s Day,

Many will pray,

While we shed our tears,
For those who fought for years.


Now the battle still lingers on,

Making us wonder if war will ever be gone.

Yet we must do what we know is right,

For our freedom, we must fight.


Liberty and Justice for All,

“One Nation under God.”


For our Country walk tall,

Be proud of your Duty Call.

@copyrighted Janice N. Richards 2012 “A Tribute To Those Serving  The Red, White and Blue.”


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